Jan 21, 2011

Gayus, An Ordinary People In an Extra Ordinary Trending Topic

Gayus Halomoan Tambunan, yup...he's the ordinary man in the extra ordinary trending topic in Indonesia since october 2009. Errrrgggggghhhhhh, why do i have to review about something that has already a trending topic ? Well, Gayus is news maker in a negative way. Who doesn't interested to talk about him in variety perspective ?

Gayus Halomoan Tambunan is only an ordinary man. He worked as a IIIA grade in Directorate General of Taxation in his 31 years age. Very ordinary. He turned to be the extra ordinary after he found out has 28 billion rupiah in his bank account. It's very suspicious as as a IIIA grade taxation officer, his average annual basic income is 24 million rupiah. Plus remuneration, will not more than 150 million rupiah.

We can assume he's the richest officer in his grade with that large number of sum in his account. Ever since the corruption assumption, he became a 'trending topic', ( in connotative ) in Indonesia. His popularity like a celebrity. And Gayus is a real news maker when he escaped to Singapore before the police 'pick him back' to Indonesia. The funny thing is, even he has already locked up, he still can freely went out from the mobile brigade prison to travel to Bali, Malaysia, Singapore and Macau using a 'pseudo passport'. It's a great salutation in negative way for him and some person who contribute to make his 'traveling around the world in prison' succeed. Bravo and salute for them !!!

On January 19, 2011 he's convicted guilty as a corrupter but his sentence only for 7 years. It's not representing the justice for all Indonesian people i think. It's  not fair for us. Millions of Indonesian People dying in poverty, while in the other hand a man named Gayus playing the law using the stealth money that he stole from us. An ironic, he uses our money to bribe and rules the law, and no one willing to behave on behalf of Indonesian people to stop this hoaxes over our law. It's not about capability on halting the fooling over the law, it's about intention to do not surrender on money slavery. Remember, the money he use to snickering our law, is Indonesian people money. Please...please....please, don't be a slave to the money.

If a IIIA grade taxation officer like Gayus, adequately capable to make a 'Great Laughing the Law Show'., how about the higher grade functionary above him ? I don't think he's the single fighter either. He is IIIA grade officer who can not make a decree without approval and signature from the functionary above him.  The Gayus show imply another concealed greater show that still no one has a gut to reveal.

If an ordinary Gayus can be a King rules the law, i'm afraid it can be negative influence to the young Indonesian generation. Who knows, in the next period, become a corrupter can be an aspiration to pursue. As, corrupter can be the king that rules and play the law as they like. And a corrupter no more a shameful and pathetic immoral behavior in front of the eyes of our moral its self. How pathetic. Where does this country go after this period of a 'pseudo generation' ???

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